Time to get right down to it. This is what we do.

The Buzzchill - Swedish Massage


- Swedish Massage

$40 - $70 - $90

Say, "Ahhhhhhh!" Make your body feel energized (buzz) while you relax (chill).  Hang loose for 30 minutes, stay a while for 60 minutes, or go the distance for 90 minutes. You can also request light, medium, or firm pressure with this massage. 

Oh, soul deep!

- Deep Tissue Massage

$50 - $80 - $100

When firm pressure just isn't enough, go deep! Ok, not quite deep enough to get to the soul, but you get the picture. Keep in mind, you may feel a little sore the next day after this type of massage, so for you newbies out there, you may want to start with a firm pressure massage. We offer 30, 60 or 90 minutes for this service.

Oh, soul deep! - Deep tissue massage
Rock Lobster - Hot Stone Massage

Rock Lobster

- Hot Stone Massage

$55 - $85 - $105

Some like it hot! Our hot stones massage will take you from "ahhhh" to "ooooh!" We don't just lay these hot stones on you, we move them around and incorporate them into the massage. Heat helps relax the muscles, so this should get you nice and loose. You know the deal, 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

Baby on board

- Prenatal Massage

$40 - $70

Discomfort? (To put it lightly!) Oh, yeah, we get it. And we have you covered. Unlike many other spas we do NOT charge extra for prenatal massage! Please note this massage is ONLY for moms-to-be after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Also, this service is limited to 60 minute sessions. Please call for any questions regarding this policy.

Baby on Board - Prenatal Massage
Puppy Love - Foot Therapy

Puppy love

- Foot Therapy


Tame those barking dogs with our puppy love service! This 30 minute service includes a salt scrub with exfoliation gloves, hot towels, hot stones, some reflexology and your choice of lavender or peppermint foot cream.

Paws & Piggies

- Foot and Hand Reflexology


Let it all go! The hands and feet can hold a lot of tension yet often get neglected. Reflexology targets specific points in the hands and feet that can help the whole body relax. You will have your choice of lavender or peppermint foot cream. This is a 30 minute service, but can be added to our foot therapy service for a total of one hour.

Paws & Piggies - Reflexology
 Stressbuster - Neck & Shoulder Massage


- Neck & Shoulder Release Massage


Stressed out? Sometimes taking a deep breath just isn't enough. Dial it back with a massage targeting the areas most people hold stress, the neck and shoulders. This is a 30 minute service.


Couples Massage Available!

Pricing = Servicex2

Share the love! No extra charge for a doubles massage. If a 90 minute buzzchill is $90 for one person, it will be $180 for a double. You get the picture!

Please contact us at 757-672-1819 for more information.