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If this is your first time receiving a massage, you may not know what to expect on your first visit. To help address any concerns you may have, you can watch the video below, or if you are more of a reader, we have also included text segments.

Filling out the intake form.

 Before your first massage we will need to get to know you a little, and that's where the intake form comes in, which you will get when you first arrive. The intake form gives us a little information about you as well as any medical history we need to be aware of such as any physical injuries or conditions. This is a two-way process, so don't hesitate to ask questions. *By the way, you're going to want to come in at least 15 minutes early on your first appointment so we can get you into the system.      

Quick note: you are going to want to drink plenty of water before your massage. We also recommend avoiding eating before a massage, you can probably guess why. Another thing to keep in mind is that massage oil (or even treatments such as mud) will be used during your session, so you will want to wear appropriate clothing. Once you've filled out your paperwork, you're ready to go! Now you get to meet your therapist. By the way, just for a little peace of mind, all of our therapists are certified professionals and will keep any information you give them completely confidential.  Your therapist will review your form and ask a few questions. This is a good time to let them know about any of those pesky problem areas that need some special attention. Also, let your therapist know if there are any areas you would like to avoid, such as ticklish feet. Once you're ready, you will be taken back to a nice, quiet, private room.

Drink plenty of water!
You can choose your own music

You may choose to listen to music or have it quiet in the room, your call. At this time, your therapist will leave the room to allow you to undress and lay on the table under the top sheet. Now, keep in mind, we want you to relax, so you may want to completely disrobe or remain partially dressed. (We want you to be comfortable.)

During your massage, your therapist will be using proper draping techniques and will only uncover areas of your body being worked on, so you will remain mostly covered throughout the session. The parts of the body your therapist will work depends on your needs. That being said, your therapist will avoid contact with any areas typically covered by a bathing suit. Also, if you decide to remain partially dressed, your therapist will work around those areas. However, be aware that massage oil may come in contact with these garments, so dress accordingly. During your massage, your therapist will ask questions such as, “How's the pressure?” This is where communication is vital. Different people prefer different types of pressure, and we don't want you to feel any discomfort, yet we also want to make sure you are getting enough pressure to help you relax. If at any time you feel discomfort or pain, let your therapist know immediately. We want you to have the best experience possible, so on-the-spot feedback is the key here.    

Be sure to communicate with your theapist

Your therapist may have you change positions,usually limiting this to having you flip over. For the most part, the therapist will have you move as little as possible. After all, you are here to relax, not to work. And if you fall asleep, no problem, we take that as a compliment. Ok, all good things must come to an end. Your therapist will let you know the session is over (and wake you up if needed). At this point, your therapist will leave the room to allow you privacy while you get dressed and gather your belongings. You may feel a little light-headed, which is normal, so don't sit up too quickly. Once you are ready you can open the door and your therapist will lead you back to the front area. Gratuity is appreciated! Our front desk can help guide you with a suggested amount if you feel so inclined. This can be done via cash or card, depending on how you wish to share the love.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water after your massage!


Once you've gone home, keep in mind that you may feel the effects of the massage up to a day or two after the session. Deeper body work may result in the next day feeling like you went through an intense workout, so a little soreness is not at all unusual. Drinking plenty of water after your massage and even stretching or a nice hot bath can help prevent this. When you're ready, we look forward to having you back.


And please, tell a friend!

Seriously...drink plenty of water!
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